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Are you looking for an amazing anniversary card? One that captures this important milestone in your life together? Then you will want to look at this category.

There are tens of thousands of unique and ready to customize designs for you to browse through. If you are searching for something more specific you can further refine your options by browsing through the pages that best fit your tastes.



There is a lot of information related to anniversaries. Find out what you want to know in this fun and informative section of the website.

We've collected fun facts, tips and other material that will give you incite about all of the wonderful traditions related to these celebrations.



One interesting aspect of wedding anniversaries is that they have a large body of history surrounding them. A history which goes back well into our past.

Find our which gifts are associated with the various years of marriage and why with this fun series.

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No matter if this is your first year or your fiftieth together anniversaries are special, and a testament to your happily ever after. There is no better time to commemorate your years together than by celebrating your anniversary. Many of us tend to forget that after the first couple of years of marriage, then as the years go by and we realize what we've missed out on, want to reclaim what we've missed. And there is no better way to do that than by gathering our close friends and family together, those who have been there with us all these years for an anniversary celebration.

By sending them beautiful personalized invitations, you are getting your guests ready for the party that follows. Many of whom may have been invited to the wedding that started your everlasting bond. Won't it be wonderful sharing the day with the people that have been there from that milestone to this one?

There are a wide range of beautiful options for you to choose from. And no matter if you're planning your own celebration, or one for your parents there are options that will fit your expectations. One that reflects the love and support you have shown one another throughout the years. One that reflects who you were, and who you have become together. One perfect example is the photographic invitations. These add a special touch, personal and warm. Many people choose to include a photo of themselves at their wedding, and then a more recent photo. These options turn into not only amazing prints, but touching keepsakes.

Will you be celebrating your silver (25th) or golden (50th) anniversary? Then you'll be pleased to learn that there are plenty of options for you to choose from. These designs can be found in each of the themed categories, but they also have categories all to themselves filled with outstanding designs to commemorate your love and commitment.

Because no matter what you choose to send you want to capture that special bond that only you and your spouse share. And that is why it is important to reflect that in the cards that you send? And you can't do that with basic cardstock. You need to be able to customize and design the invitation, shape it to fit the expectations you have for your anniversary party. And when you start customizing one of these incredible templates you'll see how easy it is to personalize.

You can simply customize so many of the aspects that go into a fabulous design. When you look through the invitations you will see many great cards that allow you to add and remove design elements, including: photos, text, and other items that allow you to get the look you had in mind. Looking for a different size? Many of the options offered here come in different formats. Do you want something other than the 5" by 7" portrait or the 7" by 5" landscape format? How about 6.5" by 8.75"?

Once you have finished you can pick your paper type. From the traditional to the luxurious and embellished, felt, linen and metallic. In fact there are currently ten types in all to choose from. Want a different border? How about the elegant and classic look of scalloped or bracketed?

Choosing an invitation for your anniversary isn't only fun, customizing it is also easy. And when your satisfied with the results and you have finalized your order they will be printed and shipped within 24 hours. Your order comes complete fitting white with envelopes, but if you want to further complete the set you can always opt to add a matching color or if the options in available a fitting printed envelope.