Alternative Ideas, Wedding Postcards & Other Ideas

When it comes to planning you have two options. You can do what everyone else is doing or you can try something different.

There are a couple of expectations when a couple sits down decides it is time to celebrate their anniversary.

1. Who will we invite, close friends and family only, or the whole gang

But that doesn't mean you'll find exactly what you're looking for. Or that once you find it that it will be ideal. (Sometimes the idea is more rewarding that actually item.) Maybe you are an alternative couple looking for some alternative ideas on how to send out the word for your impending anniversary.

We have many options featured on the site that cover a wide range of anniversary ideas and parties. For example these lovely floral landscapes, ideal for couples that love the great outdoors. But then again it may not be as appealing as these modern retro floral patterns.

As you can see from these examples, two designs found on the same page can be very different from one another. One is more traditional compared to the other which is more adventurous. That is why it is important to have alternatives. You need to take that into account even with something as simple invitations. And we have plenty of both.

Planning & Price

When you begin shopping for invitations, it doesn't matter if it is for the wedding, or in our case for anniversary stationary, price almost always comes up. Cost comes in different forms so lets look at a couple of different options that will reduce the various forms of expense.

The Expense on Time

One method to reduce the cost of hosting a celebration of this nature is to get your hands dirty. While this may be the cheapest method is still has plenty of costs associated with it. Whether they are on your time of monetary resources they are there. Let's look at a few of them.

  1. Creating your very own invitations from scratch is a time consuming process. You will either need to find a simple template online that you are free to use. We have a couple of them here. Make sure you read the page thoroughly before you begin.

  2. Material resources, paper and envelopes. When you set down and begin designing invitations from scratch you will need the fitting paper. Wedding paper is generally thicker, higher in quality and more elegant. Purchasing such paper can be expensive.

  3. But the cost doesn't end with the paper. You will need to be able to print them. That means at the very least that you have the appropriate printer. Make sure that your home printer is capable of using the card stock you selected. That is to say when you sit down to print your wedding anniversary invitations make sure that the paper you'll be printing on isn't too thick. If it is you will either need to find different paper, or a different printer that will work better.

  4. Ink is the next expense, and one that you will definitely want to keep in mind when you begin your project. Thicker paper has a tendency to absorb more ink. If you will be doing a full color print** or only black. For those of you inviting a large number of people to the party you may need to invest more into the ink that you thought. Refill cartridges can be expensive.

  5. No matter if you create the anniversary invitations yourself or you purchase them from a printer you will still have to pay postage. Depending on the size of guest list you will be hosting this will play a role.

When these seem like small demands on your time, or you intend to host a small number of guests this can easily be the best option for those of you who want to save money. On the other hand if you would like to reduce the amount of work required then you may wish to keep reading. (The next idea would work well here too. You just need to find the fitting paper.)

Simpler is Often Better

Choosing a simpler options can often be just as effective as more expensive solutions but with the benefit of reducing the cost. This can be made clear with simple creativity. (Though, to be fair the most creative people among us have a knack for this and don't need to be reminded. But for the rest of us this can be a welcome tip.) As I said simpler is often better when it comes to saving a little on those often times costly invitations. One excellent idea is found on this site***. I can hear you saying: Wait! With or without an exclamation point. Those are just postcards. True. They are. But they are also more.

Those cleaver people out there have made them into more, those are wedding postcards. And if you never thought that you would live to see the day when when you saw something so clever, you're not alone.

One great reason to use them instead of a standard invitation is that they are so flexible. You don't need to get envelopes and then again you don't need to send them as plain postcards. Talk about leaving options open. When it comes to purchasing an invitation, whether for a wedding or an anniversary, the ability to get what you want is important. And as you know, how much you are able to change makes a big difference here.

That is why the idea of using a postcard for a wedding is so intriguing. Especially when they offer two side printing. In some of the examples found on that site the front is dedicated to a collage of photos of the couple. This is in itself very good for those of you planning your anniversary. Many of the invitations shown here on this site offer the same style of layout. The only different is that, unlike the folding style (you can find both folding and two sided invitations) they only offer the back for printing. This isn't a big deal because you are still able to put your other important information on the other side. Often in a creative and meaningful way.

While the wedding postcard may not have seemed logical at first you're sure to agree that it does have its advantages. And is a simpler and yet elegant option for saving some money when it comes to purchasing your anniversary stationary.

More Time

When time is short, the anniversary is creeping closer and the option to do them yourself slipping away, you may find that the price isn't as much of an issue as you thought in the beginning. The truth is that we are spending more now on our wedding that ever before. But the cost of hosting an anniversary isn't nearly as dramatic it can still be on the pricey side when it comes to paper products. A quick search returned some popular websites, this one, David's Birdal sales invitations for various occasions. Anniversaries are one of them.

Thankfully we are afforded a lot of options and flexibility that the etiquette dictated wedding does not have. Celebrations are usually smaller. Expectations are generally more lenient and the parties more involved.

How often have you attended a wedding only to find the two sides of the newly united family sitting across the room from one another?

An anniversary isn't like that. Many of the people will at the least know one another by sight, many more by name, and the majority will have at least been introduced to one another before they met at the party.

And with anniversaries it is all about the party.

The Invitation Fulfills a Single Purpose

We've listed a number of excellent opportunities here that you may have found useful. It doesn't matter if you make it yourself, choose to send postcards for your wedding anniversary or go for the complete package it is good to remember one very small fact. And what is what an invitation is there for. Sure they can have other meanings, but they only have one purpose. They relay the information needed for a request of company.

They are after all, invitations. They invite. And while we may have placed other obligations on them, that is what they do. And they do it well. They come in many different shapes and sizes.

They can be printed at home.

You can go to a local printer.

Or you can, as this site makes apparent, order them online.

In the end though it doesn't matter how they look. What they are or where you got them. What is really important is that they get your potential guests on the list. If you're happy with the look, the quality and the price then you can't complain. Because once your party gets started nobody will think twice about the invitation that got them through the door. The really important part is just getting started.


* Though it is important to be comfortable at your own anniversary celebration

** Depending on the model of printer you have, the black color my be simulated by mixing the CMY colors together. For invitations that only need a single color, i.e. black (K) you may needlessly be using more ink that you need.

*** The site, does not appear to offer deigns for anniversary invitations. It was used as an example of the creativity you may wish to employ when it comes to saving on wedding stationary. For more options you may like to browse by year and by type.