Anniversary Facts and Info

We've put this page together to help you get started. It may seem overwhelming at first, there are so many different invitations to choose from, but it really is quite easy.

Here's Why

The pages are laid out so that the invitations which have the most in common are presented together. Is this your first anniversary? Then you simply need to look there for all of designs that have that as their them. The same is true for silver and gold anniversaries.

This keeps you from needing to search through hundreds of pages to find exactly what you're looking for.

Do you have a certain party theme in mind? Then you only need to look as far as the page with the fitting type of invitation. True, we're not able to guarantee you'll find exactly what you're looking for immediately, but it sure helps speed up the search. And that, after all, is the fun of picking out an invitation.

Here are the pages that you will want to start with.

Other Options

Nearly all of the anniversary invitations that you find on the website are for sale. You can easily customize them, going as far as picking the paper and border styles. This is fun and easy. And you'll be thrilled with the results.

Still, if you are more adventurous, you may want to look at the free invitations found here. They aren't as easy to customize, but if you are comfortable with a computer and you have the ability to print at home, these 5" by 7" invitation templates may be for you.